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Steve Tappin

Steve's long-awaited NEW book

Co-Written with Wayne Linton

Due October 2021

Each of us has within us the ability to become beyond incredible.  Our goal is to help develop a group of incredible leaders break out of their perceived highest level and become beyond incredible, with integrity, passion and purpose.

Our vision is to assist the coming together from all walks of life; corporate, sports, cultural icons, education, arts, science, technology and so on and to help them become visionaries for positive change and incredibleness beyond what we can imagine now.  This will help guide and mentor the next generation of leaders.

"The Awareness Code for Leaders", written by Wayne Linton and Steve Tappin will be published October 2021.  Subscribe to our site to get updates on our launch!

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There are many books on leadership but I have never read one like The Awareness Code. I feel I have been given a gift that integrates ancient wisdom, modern day psychology and best business practice in a wise manual of how to live and how to become the kind of leader I have the capacity to be. Exceptional leadership doesn’t have to be a rare occurrence.

~Nick Archer

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The New Secrets of CEOs

Co-Written with Andrew Cave

Steve Tappin and Andrew Cave interview more than two hundred of the world's top CEOs to discover what matters to them, how they run their businesses today, and how they expect their leadership to change in the future. Tappin and Cave offer a glimpse into the business worlds and personal lives of some of the most influential people today.


Very well researched requirements for CEOs of listed companies worldwide, captivating and refreshing foreword by Richard Branson. Recommended for second-level executives who want to join the front row.


Secrets of Chinese CEOs

In this fascinating, comprehensive and authoritative examination you will explore what over 120 of China’s top chief executives share as their secrets (and challenges) of success and unlock the mysteries of China herself.  Through their insights they share their stories of rising to the top and what it takes in the 21st century to be a successful leader on the global stage.

Within this inspirational guide, you will discover what motivates and drives global leaders.  As you strive for sustainable success in the new world of work, experience the mentorship from these Chinese CEOs on how businesses and leaders are going to evolve in the future.

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The first book of it's kind to really bring to life how Chinese CEOs think and also the Chinese way on how to win in business in China. You can see why Western companies have and continue to struggle in China. This book gives you tremendous insight into how to build the right relationships with the right people. A must read for anyone looking to expand their business in China.