I would certainly recommend Xinfu to other business leaders, particularly if you’re looking for disruption, if you’re looking to be more ambitious and thinking about stretching your business. If you’re looking for yellow-box thinking, pick it up with Xinfu
— Steve Foots, CEO of Croda International

We have thirty years’ of experience meeting the top CEOs in the world, working with them, seeing what makes them tick and from this we have learned the secrets of how to succeed at the top job. Through non-traditional techniques, we coach CEOs to create an outperforming company which is generating super-returns of 400-500%; we help them with how to unite their entire company and we also inspire them to become inspirational leaders themselves.

Recent studies show that 2/3 CEOs are not performing and 40% of CEOs fail within the first 18 months. So, why don’t they get proper CEO coaching training to get help them succeed at the top job?

We predominantly work with three categories of CEOs, challenged CEOs, new and developing CEOs and enlightened CEOs.


According to Forbes in January 2017, 63% of CEOs have no credibility. So, why don’t they get proper CEO mastery training?


Challenged CEOs

The CEO is stressed, overworked, exhausted and uninspired. They are operating at what we call +120-140% on our Performance Capacity Curve which means they’re working above normal capacity and might be close to burnout. They are driven by fear and not delivering the short-term results. They will also currently have the inability to create an ambition, a meaningful purpose and a future North Star for their stakeholders. Typically they will have 3-4 non-performing or dysfunctional people in their Executive Team. If this is you, don’t despair! We are experts at working with CEOs in this position and have a proven track record of helping the most challenged CEOs transform their leadership and succeed at the job in hand.


New and developing CEOs

Whether you’re new to the CEO job or you’re aspiring or in-line to be CEO, we believe every leader needs a mentor to help them grow, particularly when they are potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of people across a global footprint.

We help prepare new and developing CEOs to do the job properly through one-to-one coaching and confidant sessions. We will help you to transition into new roles and make big, positive and lasting changes, fast. We believe a CEO has 100 days on starting their role to make a difference, and we can help you to do that.

Our ‘CEO Confidant’ approach helps you to understand your own path to success and your unique value-add as a leader, and we help you to build your company system to support this.


Enlightened CEOs

There are very few truly enlightened CEOs in the world. Often they’re great in one or two areas and are open to new ideas and development.

We’ve worked with the top CEOs across Europe, China and America (and even Thailand, Australia and Africa) as well as world expert practitioners in psychology, behavioural science, digital & AI, spirituality and philosophy to develop best practice that we now share with CEOs who want to be truly enlightened.



Hear for yourselves how our CEO coaching has turned around businesses by watching video testimonials from CEOs we have worked with.

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