Croda International

During 2017, from our sessions with Xinfu, we upscaled our ambition in terms of technology acquisitions, we acquired new companies and we smart-partnered with new companies which is transforming the growth of the business”. Sandra Breene, President of Personal Care and Actives at Croda International.
— Steve Foots, CEO of Croda International
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Croda went from being an unknown company to a FTSE 80 company in record time. When we met Croda’s CEO in 2016, the Group and the Personal Care division particularly were plateauing in growth.




We started off with CEO confidant sessions and working with the Executive team in offsite workshops. Together we created a new North Star with sustainability at the heart of the company. This consisted of developing a stretch plan on top of the base plan with ‘Entrepreneurial Cells’, introducing Digital, and growth mechanisms which exchanged incremental Research and Development moves into bigger and bolder ones to create the short- and long-term value. We introduced a new company name acronym to unite its people on shared goals and reinvigorated the founders’ DNA, the vehicles for setting out the future of the company.

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We are now working globally across Croda’s business units with a view to making them grow. We identified that Personal Care was a key rising star growth engine in Croda and are working particularly closely with them. Personal Care has grown by 10% in the year we have been working with them, and the company has grown by 54% since we started working with them in 2016.