It’s a fantastic story, the share price from the day we brought in Xinfu went from £4 to £18. We created huge shareholder value, which in turn was brilliant for the team and our motivation, too. We managed to under pin all this with great customer service, and Xinfu helped us to get there.
— Warwick Brady, former EasyJet COO



Xinfu commenced working with CEO Carolyn McCall and COO Warwick Brady in 2010 to help the business recover from a failing share price. Xinfu was employed by easyJet to coach their CEO Carolyn McCall, and work on improving the business performance with the then COO, Warwick Brady, and the operations team. The focus was to work with the frontline to enhance service in ways that were both original and valuable.  In 2010 Ryanair likened easyJet to Air Zimbabwe as a benchmark for their on-time performance. They needed to act urgently and created a goal to beat Ryanair operationally, commercially and on brand and digital.




Through one-on-one coaching sessions with the CEO and offsites with the top team, we developed a “fellowship” where responsibility and accountability for the success of the business was co-owned between the Executive Committee and the operations team, and trust, belief and care was at the heart. This meant that the Executive Committee was united and was able to unite the rest of the company around the vision and business ambition. We worked across their top five strategic projects and made big bold moves to drive the revenue forward for the short and long term e.g. coming up with a new allowance for 2 bags per person on the plane, and big moves to improve customer experience and on-time performance.

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By April 2015, and after 5 years of working with Xinfu, easyJet’s share price increased from 4 pounds to 19 pounds and the CEO, Carolyn McCall, was voted “Britain’s Most Admired Leader” for two consecutive years by Management Today. Now, we have signed a value partnership with Warwick Brady, who is now the CEO of Stobart Group; a true reflection of a client/confidant relationship moving into a true value partnership.

After working with us closely, easyJet did beat Ryanair operationally, commercially, and on brand and digital level.