We are confidants of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies and the fastest growing companies, helping them to become extraordinary. We are also creating a new generation of CEOs across the world who will be leading pioneering companies that will change the world.

We have proven that it is possible for CEOs to ‘have it all’. Even for CEOs of the world’s biggest companies, we are able to help them to:

  • Generate off-the-charts shareholder returns, over 4-5 years;

  • Put a meaningful purpose and a future ‘North Star’ at the heart of an enormous enterprise, to ensure the company has success not just in the coming weeks and months, but for the next 5, 10, 15 years, etc.;

  • Create a top team ‘fellowship’ in which the CEO’s Executive Team co-own accountability for the business in the spirit of trust, belief and genuine care for one another;

  • Unite the entire company through rolling out the ‘fellowship’ model on a mass scale;

  • Move from being accustomed to leading from a place of stress and worry, to a place of higher awareness in which the CEO is operating at their best and able to lead the company to success in ways previously not thought possible.

By The Numbers


Xinfu was created with a mindset of reaching Fortune 500 leaders and making a difference in the world



Steve Tappin was the host of CEO Guru for 6 years, in which time he interviewed the top CEOs and leaders worldwide.

Steve Tappin has worked with and interviewed more than 1000+ CEOs and leaders worldwide, and in many cases, worked with these leaders to transform their companies.

The XINFU Difference



Our DNA is made up of incredible characteristics.  Here is the "F" list that defines our team and people:

F – is for always Freshly-baking for our clients and ourselves

F – is for working in Fellowship

F – is for Fierce Integrity

F – is for being Fully-in and invested together

F – is for having a Family culture & true friendship where we look out for one another

F – is for being able to have Fun, too!

F - Full passion & compassion

F - Fantastically outstanding, inspiring & extraordinary at everything we do

F - We Frequently re-orientate into flow

F - We frequently Feedback in Fellowship

F - We position ourselves as a Friend and confidant role to help lead change with our partners

4 quadrants.jpg

Our Four Quadrants

We have developed the award-winning 4 Quadrants where we were awarded the mould-breaking approach to leadership as a management partner forum. 


The Four Quadrants form our core leadership philosophy and formula for CEO and leadership success. 

We have refined this model to achieve incredible results for CEOs. Often CEOs excel in one or two of the Four Quadrants but are lacking in the others. We help CEOs to excel in all of the quadrants.

  • Business Performance - CEO to build a business outperformance system without the CEO involved in the day-to-day

  • Personal Performance - Moving from stress to inspiration

  • Business Leadership - Building a future inspiring north star

  • Personal Leadership - Moving to a fellowship and uniting a company


North Star

We’ve been working with the top CEOs in the world for the last 30 years. Over this time, we’ve seen extremely similar company vision and mission statements using the same buzzwords; ‘performance’, ‘clients’, ‘value’. In 9 out of 10 cases the CEO and their management team struggle to remember these statements. What companies really need is what we call a ‘North Star’.

The North Star needs to contain several components to create business outperformance and a united company.

  • It has an ambition for how much the business is going to grow in the coming 6 months to 10 years

  • It has a purpose; why the business exists and what it’s meaning is in context of an ever-changing global landscape

  • It has the keys to create the future value that will enable the company to far outperform its competitors and ensure a long, successful future

  • It has a beating heart at the centre, that forms the foundations of a healthy company culture

All of these elements sit on top of a set of key strategic priorities that the management team will deliver together.

Image by Johannes Plenio

The Awareness Code

"The Awareness Code for Leaders", written by Wayno Linton and Steve Tappin will be published October, 2021.  Subscribe BELOW to get updates on our launch!