Xinfu are challengers of the status quo. The event was transformational and allowed us to cross the finishing line, sprinting.

— Lara Boro, Group MD, Informa Business Intelligence


We started working with Informa’s Business Intelligence group in 2016; a division that the company wanted to turn into a growth business.

When we began our work in the middle of year, the company was behind on its targets and was shrinking fast.

The division was on the back-foot, operating at a self-assessed 4/10. They agreed change was needed.


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We agreed with the Group to ‘sprint for gold’ over 9.5 weeks, creating ‘Big 5 Verticals’ to generate new revenue, quickly. We created a new North Star for the team where everyone was bought in to the target to be a high performing business with disruptive capabilities. We made a Whatsapp group for the team filled with motivation for one another to sustain the speed needed to reach their goals.

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By the end of 2016, six months after we started our work with Informa BI, we turned a growth deficit into a profitable revenue stream. It’s now a business that is growing from strength to strength.