Stobart Group

Xinfu’s real unique strength is creating a situation where you get the right team delivering on the right objectives and goals to deliver the right value. That’s what we call value sharing between the Stobart Group and Xinfu
— Warwick Brady, CEO of Stobart Group
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We started working with Stobart when their new and current CEO, Warwick Brady, joined the group in 2017. We were brought in to join up the Group’s business and make a step change in the company’s growth.

Recently, Stobart’s former CEO has been in conflict with the Chairman, wanting to remove him from the board altogether. The shareholders needed to take different positions, with some supporting the Chairman and some turning against him. Understandably, the situation has caused conflicts between the shareholders and Stobart Group employees.




We began working with the key businesses in the Group; London Southend Airport; Stobart Energy; Stobart Air, Stobart Rail and the Stobart Executive Team. We support the CEO on a 1:1 basis and work with the separate divisions through regular offsites and team workshops.

We have also entered a value partnership with Stobart to accelerate the growth. This is a partnership that helps the company to drive team development in order to crystalise with absolute precision and clarity the joint North Star of the business; what do they need to deliver, by when, and how they do this.

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Since we started working with them, the Group’s different businesses have gone into profit and London Southend Airport has secured a deal with Ryanair who is set to launch flights from the provider from 2019. From our success so far, our shared ambitions for our value partnership are to double the value of Stobart over the next four years.