We believe that professional service firms should be not about ‘earning fees’ but about creating value.
— Steve Tappin

We target between a 200-500% increase in shareholder value between the 3 and 5 years that we begin working together.Increasingly, we are working in value partnerships with our clients where we invest fees in return for a value-creation upside.

The keys to accelerated growth within a value partnership with us are:

  • Making sure the ambition for the company is big enough
  • Absolute clarity around the ‘North Star’ and future value return
  • Crystallise how the company will establish business out-performance through clear deliverables and mandates
  • Build an intense level of trust, care and belief with the executive team
  • Ensure each executive is operating to 80-90% capacity to allow space for new entrepreneurial activities
  • Entrepreneurial mechanisms to deliver the value.

We choose the critical value metric with the client for the next stage of their business development. In the partnership discussions, this could be related to the company share price, the revenue increase or the increase in EBITDA.

It’s a partnership rather than a consultant-client relationship. Xinfu work symbiotically with me as the leader and my teams and they are now a part of the Croda family”.
— Steve Foots, CEO of Croda International
The real key for me is how much Xinfu accelerates the process of value creation. We’d done it together before at easyJet, so I was confident in entering a value partnership with Xinfu in my new position as CEO of Stobart Group.
— Warwick Brady, CEO of Stobart Group

Watch one of our clients describing a value partnership with Xinfu