Our average clients’ share price increases by over 500% over 5 years

Many companies try to generate short-term results to keep the profit line growing. We work with CEOs and their companies in redefining value and creating a new ‘North Star’, with a new ambition and path to growth that will deliver both the short- and long-term value. This means that instead of a company share price typically plateauing over time, it can grow by 400-500% over a period of five years.



5 Year return

What it means?: The graph above demonstrates our average clients’ share price progress over five years, in comparison to the relative share price performance of other FTSE 100 companies.


We create super returns through working with our clients in 4 key areas:


Business out-performance

We get businesses to outperform their expected results through taking the CEO out of the day-to-day and help them to prioritise innovation, business and industry disruption and seeing through big, bold, pioneering moves to deliver this. 

“Xinfu were instrumental in making sure that the team were united on the disruptive vision for RB Healthcare and that they disseminated this vision across the company”. – Aditya Sehgal, EVP of Developing Markets and Global eCommerce at Reckitt Benckiser



The Inspiring North Star

We create an inspiring purpose, ambition, future winning position and values, amongst other key areas such as strategic capabilities to form a North Star that will ensure your business wins in the long-term.



When talking about innovation, most CEOs would refer to revenue growth of 5-10%, or perhaps an innovation venture group.

At Xinfu, we focus on innovations that will deliver returns of 200-500%, and we relaunch companies in the spirit of partnership.




Reckitt-Benckiser is a Fortune500 company, #51 on Forbes List of Most Innovative Companies 2016 and #53 on Innovation Excellence’s Most Innovative Company list 2016. 

Our ‘CEO confidant’ approach helps new and developing CEOs understand their own way and unique value-add as a leader, and builds their company system to support it.


United the Company

With 70% of employees on average across the UK and the USA not engaged, imagine what your company could do if 100% of employees were engaged, united and inspired to drive the company forward together? We help the CEO to create a tight-knit fellowship in their Executive Team and to then roll out this model across the company to create a new version of the business that is united and operating at its best.


An Inspiring Ceo

We look at the CEO’s personal performance and move them from leading from a place of stress to leading from a place of consciousness and inspiration. Having transformed their leadership methods, the CEO is then in the position to drive the business forward in a brand new way to create lasting results.