Rowena Mockridge

Senior Global Business & Consulting Trainee

Rowena serves as a Business Development Analyst for Xinfu UK and is a rising star. In addition to earning her anthropology degree at the University of Exeter, Rowena has been an activist helping to mitigate climate change.

At Xinfu, Rowena works in fellowship to support the global team, representing the next generation’s point of view. Her role in the UK is geared towards business development, through which she aims to catalyse Xinfu’s mission far and wide.

Rowena is excited that Xinfu is training her to be one of tomorrow’s extraordinary leaders. She brings a drive for equality, sustainability and positivity to her role, and with beaming enthusiasm, she is more than ready for the challenge.

Although a country bumpkin at heart, Rowena loves the buzz of London. She is mad about travelling, and especially values her trips to New Zealand, Kenya and the beautiful East Coast of Australia. Eager to continue exploring different cultures, she is taking language lessons in French, and Chinese for beginners. When she’s not out running, you’ll find Rowena supporting Brighton and Hove Albion, baking or even - if you’re (un)lucky - playing her violin!

Rowena Mockridge