Who won ‘Best Leadership of a Mould-Breaking Firm’ globally across the professional services industry at the MPF Awards this year?

Annnnnd it’s Xinfu!

Xinfu has won the global business award for the Best Leadership of a Mould-Breaking Firm in the 16th Annual Managing Partners’ Forum Awards for Management Excellence. In association with Harvard Business Review, The Financial Times and Google Enterprise, the MPF Awards for Management Excellence recognises global outstanding leadership and collaborative management that delivers exceptional client service. The awards are an integral part of the MPF International Management Excellence Summit and it is the only competition worldwide that highlights management’s contribution to strategy, leadership, the client experience, operational excellence and responsible business.

“Having known Steve Tappin, the founder of Xinfu, for many years, I am personally delighted that his innovative approach to high-end CEO coaching has been recognised by this Award”, commented Richard Chaplin, Founder & Chief Executive of the Managing Partners’ Forum.

“Xinfu was founded on the basis that the professional service industry needs to be completely revolutionised and from this, we’ve ‘broken the mould’ by creating an entirely new, global market”, said Steve Tappin, CEO of Xinfu. “In turn we help our CEOs to be mould-breaking too, by transforming their businesses and leading them to generate super-returns”.

“Traditional consultancies don’t make you think; you pay them to do the thinking for you”, said Steve Foots, CEO of Croda International. “Xinfu do the most difficult thing in getting you and your team to do the thinking for yourselves. The answers lie within your company and Xinfu finds them by asking all the right necessary and uncomfortable questions”.

“I’ve worked alongside Xinfu for 10 years now and can say that no other company has the depth of expertise and knowledge of CEOs that Xinfu does”, said Sian Harrington, Editorial Director and Co-Founder of The People Space. “They are inspiring for HR directors who want to make an impact for and with CEOs, which is one of the key missing pieces that is needed to move the HR profession forwards”.


We (Xinfu) would like to take this opportunity to thank the CEOs that we’ve worked with. We are continuing to help them lead and develop mould-breaking companies and this work in turn consistently challenges us to keep breaking the mould ourselves. Particularly we would like to thank CEOs that we’ve led to be mould-breaking such as, the Co-operative Group and the relaunch that we saw through together, the transformation of EasyJet‘s operating performance and share price, Reckitt Benckiser‘s global transformation, the development of Entrepreneurial Cells at Croda and Stobart Group‘s businesses, to name but a few.

We’re developing our mould-breaking work even further by not only working with current CEOs in China, but with 30 of China’s top next generation leaders at an exclusive Xinfu-hosted conference and will be able to share more, soon.

We see winning this award to be very much the start of even more growth for Xinfu with a new generation of mould-breaking CEOs. We’re also always keeping an eye out for mould-breaking people to join our fellowship of practitioners so be in touch through our Xinfu website if you think this could be you.

About Xinfu

Founded in 2009, Xinfu is a global and award winning CEO coaching and consultancy firm which partners with FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies to build inspiring, and purposeful organisations that generate super returns.

Since its creation nearly 10 years ago, Xinfu has been proven to deliver an average of 543% superior returns for its clients and has more recently moved from a traditional fees-based professional services approach to the more trusted model of value partnerships. Xinfu’s clients often become award-winning themselves after working with Xinfu, namely, EasyJet, winning Management Today’s Most Admired Company; and the Co-operative Group, winning Marketing Week’s Retailer of the Year.

Xinfu is growing a new generation of CEOs across the world and is currently trail-blazing the new way for business leadership across the UK, China and Australia specifically. As part of this, Xinfu is developing new digital learning platforms for broader reach to inspire the next generation of leaders through proper CEO education and training. Xinfu is also the first company to have been given access to the China Entrepreneur Club of 50 of China’s top CEOs, and its CEO, Steve Tappin, is a globally renowned CEO Guru and is host of the BBC CEO Guru world-wide programme.

Find out more about us on the rest of our website.

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About the MPF Awards

Now in its 16th year, the MPF Awards for Management Excellence are globally recognised and are an integral part of the MPF International Excellence Summit, in association with the Harvard Business Review, The Financial Times and Google. Created in 2002, the awards enable management of professional firms to demonstrate their outstanding contribution.

Chaired by Andrew Hedley, Director of Hedley Consulting, the judges are leading international management consultants and experts, based in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia, selected solely on the basis of their expertise. The Awards cover five priority areas: leadership; collaboration; operational excellence; commerciality; and capabilities.

By Xinfu.

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